Friday, January 29, 2010

Page One: From the Beginning

I have about 9 months until the wedding, and I'm still about a dress size away from fitting into my wedding dress. [picture shows how small the dress was when I bought it in August.] It's time to buckle down, but being away from the gym while I'm out of state is making things tougher. I actually miss the gym. I never believed that I'd say such a thing.

When I talked to my mother on Monday, she informed me of her recent success on the Weight Watcher's point system. She suggested I give it a try. I'll tell you what; I'm sceptical. I know a few people that eat far from nutritiously on that diet. I think it misinterprets many food items, and overall, I just don't think it's a good idea. Well, who am I to know what diet works? I've only been overweight practically my ENTIRE LIFE. So, I'm giving it a try (unofficially). I started on Tuesday (I wasn't going to wait an entire week just to start at the beginning of a week. I need results ASAP). Here's my progress so far:
  • Tuesday: 24/27 points (including a fast food breakfast sandwich)
  • Wednesday: 16/27 points (snacked instead of lunch)
  • Thursday: 38/27 points (going out is my demise)

I found out that my severe point deficit on Wednesday can be as harmful as my severe point overage on Thursday. WW followers say that I need to work toward meeting my points goal daily because if not, my body goes into "starvation mode" and conserve everything I eat thus preventing weight loss. While I understand the concept, I have a hard time eating more in order to lose more. What if it is counter-productive?! I don't have time to GAIN weight. :sigh: We'll see. I'll try. I can tell where I could increase my points. I need to add in small snacks throughout the say (before lunch and before dinner) so that I am less ravenous when I finally sit down to eat. I'll keep you posted on how I do.
I went out with a friend last night. I introduced healthy snacks during the day and was excited to have a loaded salad from Salad Works for dinner. Unfortunately, I had a mini dinner at her house, then the place was closed by the time we got there. I ate:

@ Kate's house:
  • 1" slice of meatball Stromboli
  • 1" slice of steak and veggie Stromboli
  • 2" piece of Italian hoagie
@ Bowling Alley:
  • Baked Lays (snack bag)
  • Yuengling
@ Wendy's
  • grilled chicken go wrap
  • value size fry (smaller than a small)
I made relatively sensible decisions, I just ate too many times. I need to work on that. :sigh:

I go harassed about bringing a fork into the court house today. I guess it's understandable that I cannot bring in such a "dangerous weapon" but how else do they expect me to assault my lunch? LOL. The guard's answer: with plastic utensils. Well, that's not quite environmentally friendly now is it?
I'm going down to southwestern Jersey (where I'm from) this weekend to see friends, go to a bridal show, and have a celebratory dinner in honor of my birthday this coming Monday. That's right, celebrating with food... such a bad habit. What makes it worse is that I was hoping to go to The Cheesecake Factory. I read somewhere that it is the most unhealthy chain restaurant in the country, but it's sooo good. Maybe I should reconsider the location...

I'm expecting my veil and cake topper to arrive any day now. I'll post pictures when they get here. I'm sure I am forgetting to mention things, but I've said enough for one day.

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