Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Weekend of Eating

I was very proud of myself for getting so much accomplished on Saturday. I did wash, cleaned the bathroom, and exercised using the free programs offered by Exercise TV On Demand. Jillian Michaels kicked my butt. I'm so sore today! I worked on eating more calories earlier in the day by starting my morning with an egg sandwich. yum. I had an apple as a snack. Then, before I went to eat a heavy lunch, my friend Dani informed me that she was preparing my favorite dinner for me that night, chicken alfredo. It swear I heard a climactic sound effect when she told me this. I thought I was about to ruin my diet. I called my mom to find out just how bad my favorite comfort food was according to WW. Well, it was bad. One cup of fettucine alfredo is 16 WW points, plus 3 WW points for 3oz of chicken. AHHH! 19 points?! That leaves me with like lettuce for lunch! LOL. I was so excited to find out that Dani was conscious of my healthy eating habits when she shopped for dinner and bought the light alfredo sauce instead (2 points for 1/4 cup). Plus, there was tons of spinach added to the sauce, and I piled broccoli on top to prevent me for eating more pasta. It came to 12 points (over estimating for 2 servings) so I still had enough to splurge on a small piece of Wayne's fantastic homemade garlic bread. It may sound crazy, but it felt great knowing that I could eat a great tasting comfort meal without feeling too guilty. This was a big step. Late that night, I snacked on some Smartpop White Cheddar Popcorn. I couldn't believe it was only 2 points. I will defintely buy those 100 calorie bags. Saturday's points total: 27/27

Today, I woke up really sore from my workout yesterday. Again, I had an egg sandwich this morning but on white toast and with 1/2 piece of cheese (6.5 point breakfast). Then, I went to a bridal show where I found it IMPOSSIBLE to calculate points. The had an appetizer station so I had: about 1/4 cup of rigatoni w/ vodka sauce, a large serving of cold zucchini salad (tossed in an olive oil), 3 cheese cubes, and 1/4 cup of macaroni salad. I managed to avoid all of the candy temptations. I have a weakness for free food, but I managed to turn down all of the candy, even the Reese's. Go me! We found some great things at the bridal show: we found these perfect trees for Dani's fall/Halloween wedding next year, I found the perfect earrings for just over $100 but I refuse to pay that much, I got a great limo price quote, saw that V-nech wedding dresses are very hot this year, and saw a great idea for "place cards" thanks to Robin's keen obervation. I can't wait until I have a little more time for wedding planning. I'm a bit behind so I need to buckle down this week.

For my birthday dinner, my friends and I went to The Cheesecake Factory, a dieter's nightmare. Well, their nutrition information is impossible to find, so I'm having great difficulty calculating my points. I had 3 small slices of whole wheat bread (going VERY light on the butter; I used less than one pad), 1 garlic roll stuffed with cheese (smallest on the plate, but still fanastically tasty yet artery clogging), and 1/2 of the gigantic Weight Management endive and pear salad (1/2 of the salad = 6 points). I ordered the low carb cheesecake made with Splenda and a nut crust, but they were out. I was very disappointed. So, I ordered the strawberry shortcake with 3 spoons (to share with the others). I ended up eating just less than 1/3 of it (leaving some on the plate... big step for me) focusing mostly on the strawberries and whipped cream with little biscuit or ice cream.  I'm sure it was bad, but I really think I went about things pretty well. I shouldn't have had the bread, but whatever. I didn't NEED the garlic roll Dani ordered, but it was one... baby steps. Dessert? It was my "birthday." All in all, I don't feel terrible about it. I hate to say it, but the WW thing is really working out... but I say that without looking at the scale. Sunday's points total: who the hell knows.

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