Friday, May 14, 2010


I guess it is safe to assume that if I haven't wrote, I haven't made progress. I need to jump back on the band wagon. I think I have 149 days until the wedding... yikes. Plus, I have to have the dress altered before the big day, so I need to get in that dress soon. I need to get really serious about cutting inches. It doesn't help that I went on vacation for two weeks. Vacations are bad for diets but great for morale. Fortunately, I think I only managed to gain about a pound during the course of my trip. Not great, but I definitely could have done worse. 

Now that I am a toasty shade of brown, I can focus on dropping another 20 pounds or so. Although it may sound crazy, I'm looking forward to returning to a standard work schedule again because I do much better when my day is structured and my meals are planned. Dan and I are heading to the grocery store after work to restock the fridge with healthy foods to help me get back on track. Words of encouragement are appreciated. lol.


  1. You're schmexy! Crispy....but schmexy

  2. You look great!! Just stay focused (which I know you are!!!!) and 1 pound.. on 2 weeks of vacation?! I'd prob gain that in a day, so good job!!!