Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

Yesterday, I was my 24th birthday. I was really worried that my birthday was going to be lame since: 1) it was on a Monday so I had to work, and 2) I was going to be away from Dan.  Well, I was running late to catch my train and I heard on the radio that due to a passenger fatality, the trains were running 45-60 minutes late. Strangely enough, although the three trains before mine were canceled, mine arrived only 3 minutes late, however, the train was PACKED and we did have to travel at a reduced speed due to "traffic," so we still arrived more than 30 minutes late. No big deal. I went to lunch with a fellow intern at Harvest Table, a place I heard about through the young assistant prosecutors. It was so diet friendly with lots of healthy yet tasty menu items. Since I was still "recovering" from The Cheesecake Factory I choose to create my own healthy salad with low calorie sweet roasted garlic vinaigrette and a slice of homemade wheat Italian bread. I can't wait to go back there for a turkey burger or a panini. 

I came "home" to a few nice surprises. My cake topper came in (picture coming soon) and it's bigger than I anticipated, which is a good thing. Now, I have to go to a craft store to buy some small "crystals" to glue to it... I wanted the look, but didn't want to pay the manufacturer an additional $20 for something I can do easily for around $3. LOL. I had a birthday card and then the best surprise... an edible arrangement basket with a balloon!!! I was so surprised and excited. I've always wanted one! I used to tell Dan all the time so I figured  he actually took some initiative and got me one... nope. My "twin" sent it to me! I have the best "law school friend" ever. It's like being best friends with myself... but better. LMAO! I miss my law school pals. There are some, like her, that I can tell I will be in touch with for a long time. So, back to the story-- I snacked on a chocolate covered strawberry, a chocolate covered banana, and some other fruit before dinner. Today, I'm being sure to save some points for more tasty goodies. Yum.

I made a garlic chicken voila meal I picked up weeks ago. I ate half of it, which made calculating points confusing because the bag contained 3.5 servings (what a strange amount). I was so bummed when I was looking at the nutrition facts calculating the points because I saw that it contained TRANS FAT! I can't believe I missed that when I bought it. I NEVER buy anything with trans fat. I felt gross afterward. LOL. Now I know I need to shop a bit slower. Speaking of shopping, I need to go out tonight for some healthy snacks and more dinner foods. I like grocery shopping. Is that weird?

So, on to the best news for the day (although the day just started): It's Tuesday, so I have officially been counting my WW Points for a week and... drum roll please... I'm down 3 lbs. since last week! That brings me to 4 lbs. since I've been in NJ and 8 lbs. since the holidays. It's not much, but it is a step in the right direction. And I'm PMSing, which means I'm retaining water, so the numbers could get even better next week.  I'm excited!

Monday's total points: 27 / 27

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