Sunday, June 20, 2010

"This is miserable"

I have tons to do (while at my library job), including basically write an appellate brief from start to finish today due to my lovely bout of procrastination on the assignment for the past two months, BUT I wanted to take a moment to discuss my training episode yesterday.

So, I woke up EARLY on a Saturday morning, after working late the night before, to go jog some intervals for my 5K training.  It was my first time doing the routine outside, rather than in a gym setting, and boy was it miserable.  My exercise watch "thingy" turned out to be a peace of junk, so Dan timed my intervals as he practically walked beside me and I jogged painfully slow.  I didn't factor the sun into the equation... yeah, it makes it a million times harder.  Plus, those stupid dips up and down in the sidewalk for every person's driveway really tire me out!  I noticed that I preferred to run in the street.  I also noticed that outside of the treadmill, I'm pretty terrible at this jogging thing.  Towards the end, I was dying.  I took it out on "Mr. Timer" and nagged the last two intervals saying things like, "I. am. dying.-- Yup. I'm dead," and "THIS is miserable! Why am I torturing myself?!"  LOL! When I got in the house, I felt like I was on fire... literally. I sat there a minute and let my heart rate slow.  As it slowed, I started to sweat... more than I have ever sweat in my LIFE!  It's was disgusting, but hey, sweat is the bi-product of hard work so I hope to see results if I keep it up... so long as I don't die first...

Today, I set the alarm to wake up early for some sort of workout.  Well, I was far too sore for a repeat of the day before, so I threw on a bathing suit.  Tanning counts as a workout, right?  I sweat a lot... lol.  I did a few laps in the pool before heading to work again today.  Always working for the almighty dollar...

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