Friday, August 6, 2010

Look at her go!

This morning I jogged 1.5 miles (and walked an additional 1/2 mile). I ran it in 1/2 mile increments! I really had to push myself, but I did it! Just think, it was only days ago that I was so excited for jogging 1/4 mile (1 lap). I'm making great progress with this Couch to 5K program... and from what I hear, my legs are showing my time spent running and shaping up nicely ;) If only the rest of my body would follow through.

I've been keeping busy with wedding planning. In the past few days, I've designed the wedding programs, table numbers, and menus. I've selected all the candy and treats for the candy buffet and where we're going to buy them. I've finalized more details with the caterer and reception venue. I've even worked on finalizing our ceremony music with the organist. This weekend, I hope to get Dan fitted for his tux, finally contact the DJ, buy card stock for the menus/table numbers/programs, contact my hair stylist, and write out the thank you cards for the gifts we've received already. It's crunch time! Plus, Thursday is the 5k, and afterwards, we're driving down to NJ for my bridal shower and our bachelor/bachelorette parties! While we're in NJ we need to order our cake and finalize a few more details. We're going to be busy, but it's so exciting! I'll keep you posted!

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