Thursday, April 8, 2010

Beautiful Weekend-- Beautiful Pictures-- Beautiful Memories

Yeah, yeah, yeah-- I never updated with my weight loss progress this week... that's because I GAINED a pound! Happy?! LOL. Honestly, I'm not that upset about it, mostly because I know there are factors that exaggerated my weight this week, but it's not important. It was another weekend with Dan and weight gain is to be expected. I ate things I haven't had in awhile, like pork roll and french fries. 

Last week, I went shopping with a friend from work for clothes for my engagement photo shoot. For the first time ever, I tried on clothes at standard women's clothing stores-- not just stores for plus-sized women. I am in love with White House Black Market, but cannot afford to buy their clothes. I was dying to finally shop at Express, but although they carry XL online, I could only find select pieces in a large (most things were XS or S). As it turned out, I really only needed a large. Unfortunately, the tight stretch look is in and despite my size, spandex is NOT flattering on my flab. After spending hours visiting every store in the Willowbrook Mall, with Elise's persistence and encouragement, I left with a ruffle flyaway cardigan from Express.

I had the opportunity to do some really fun things with Dan this past weekend while he visited. We went to Six Flags: Great Adventure and rode our favorite roller coasters (thanks to a $20 off coupon at Wawa). I felt so much more confident standing in line without a doubt in my mind that I would fit comfortably on the ride. It sounds silly, but it used to be a big concern (no pun intended). There used to be a few rides where I was cutting it so close that it was uncomfortable. This time we went, I was able to walk with Dan through the park at a faster pace and ride the coasters without stressing. It was nice. Then, for lunch we went to the car for a picnic out of the new picnic backpack I bought Dan . It was delightful! Not your typical sandwich picnic :) 

Our engagement photo shoot with Richard Press of Photokin ( went amazingly well. It was a beautiful day in New Hope, which means the streets were PACKED. We took pictures along the tow path that borders the canal, outside Tuscany (Italian restaurant), and at Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve.  I'm usually a ham for the camera, but I felt like I had to tone it down so I didn't outshine the purpose of the pictures-- our love. I wish I let my personality out a little more, but even without that, the pictures came out great. It's hard to narrow it down to just a few favorites! Dan and I really like Richard and his son, Mike. We owe them a big thanks for not only providing great pictures, but a romantic day for the two of us. I didn't feel like I had to pose in order for our love to show in the photos. We really had a nice time. We look  forward to working with them on our big day. See pictures here.

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