Thursday, July 1, 2010

Little by Little

This week has been going slow, yet fast. In other words, my days have been swamped with work, thus passing slowly; however, my week is going fast in the fact that I have felt like it’s almost Friday and I can’t even keep track of what day it is anymore. As a result of my work load, I haven’t made it to the gym (or even exercised at home) this week. I’m kind of disgusted with myself, but I’m seeing how I need to adjust my schedule next week to fit the gym in. To make up for my lack of exercise thus far this week, I plan on going all out this weekend: biking, jogging, swimming, and hopefully trying kayaking (or at least canoeing).

This past Tuesday was weigh-in day. There’s nothing too exciting to report. I lost yet another pound. I was a little irritated because days before, the scale showed that I had lost at least two pounds. I blame it on always eating out the day before weigh-in. It happens every time.

I’ve been riding Dan about his eating habits recently. He’s been eating in extremes, either: “drop dead any moment, I can’t believe I just consumed that” or “all I ate today up until dinner was some celery and cheese, dangerously low.” I’m trying to get him to understand nutrition (making sure he eats a vegetable) and the concept of providing one’s body with adequate fuel. It’s an uphill battle, but it’s worth it. Last night, we went grocery shopping after I got out of work. That’s right; we went from 9-10:30pm. Here are some of my favorite foods I’ve been buying a lot recently:
  • Red, seedless grapes

  • Baked cheetos

  • Cranbran VitaMuffin tops

  • Kashi granola bars

  • Lean Cuisine Asian Potstickers

  • Chicken enchiladas

  • Corn on the cob

  • Sutter Home-- Moscato wine

  • Laughing Cow single serving ice cream

  • Veggie burgers

  • Ginger salad dressing

This past weekend, Dan and I accomplished a lot of wedding related things. For example, we bought stamps for our invites, printed the invitations and all related parts, assembled them, addressed them, and slapped some postage on all 60 invites. We went out and bought perfectly sized black favor bags from Michael’s, which reminds me that we have to return there this weekend to purchase the rest so long as they got a new shipment. We tried to buy the special pens for the guestbook and the labels for the favors, but we may have to order them online due to store supplies. Yesterday, we made our second deposit (a big one) on our reception venue. More wedding tasks lay ahead in the near future, especially now that we only have 101 days left! I’ll post pictures of finished products soon… as soon as I get something exciting.

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