Wednesday, February 24, 2010

If your listening...

Well, another week has passed. I have noticed that I'm falling of the wagon a little bit-- not in a sense that I'm eating terribly, but such that I haven't been calculating my points. I guess you could say I got lazy. I've noticed that just as I expected from the start, making things from scratch or eating out can be discouraging when calculating points. Unless I have the nutritional information for the food or I am able to Google the information for the generic dish, it's freaking impossible. Sure, I could try to guess points based on the ingredients, but I feel it would be more work than it is worth. So, I went back and calculated my points for this past weekend, where I thought I had gone terrible off course. As it turns out, I didn't do TOO bad.

I've noticed that some family/friends are more supportive than others. My grandmother, for example, was practically force feeding me pizza and cheesesteaks. I convinced her to order me a side salad so I could fill up on that and only have a slice of pizza. She harassed me about only having a slice, so I took a 3 inch piece of cheesesteak. Then, she told me how I needed to finish the remaining 3 inches of "my half." I put my foot down, but I still walked out of there eating 2 slices of pizza, a side salad, and a 3 inch cheesesteak. I guess it could have been worse. In contrast, I have my friend Dani. She's so understanding of my new eating habits, and I'm so thankful. She's the one who had her fiance make low fat alfredo so I could still eat it. Well, this week, he made a roast chicken, baked potato, stuffing, and green beans rather than a big bowl of pasta. It's sweet that they care enough to make dinners that won't make me sacrifice my weight loss. As silly as it sounds, it really means a lot. Here's how the week went:

Tuesday: 24/27
Wednesday: 26/27
Thursday: Not nearly enough... like 12/27 (I had a strange day and I was starving, but I didn't have the chance to eat like I wanted to)
Friday: 25/27 (including dinner out with Kate at a great place called If there's one near you, it's a MUST. I had the turkey taco salad, and I can't wait to go back and try something else.)
Saturday: 33.5/27 (including lunch at the diner with Mel, dinner with my grandma and 2 girl scout cookies-- aka the kiss of death)
Sunday:21.5/27 (including dinner in with Dani and Wayne)
Monday: 27.5/27 (slightly over due to lunch out with Elise. Who would have thought that a tortilla for a wrap could contain 6 POINTS!?)

And for the results... I'm down 2 lbs.! The bad part is that I'm still up 1 lb. due to my weight gained the week before. That's okay! The scale is moving in the right direction. I have to work on getting in more exercise. I've been bad... as in terrible... as in close to nothing. I haven't been sleeping much and my body seems to want to go into hibernation mode. Hopefully, I'll catch up on sleep this week and be back on track next week.

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