Friday, February 5, 2010

Pretty Boring

I haven't written because there hasn't been much to write about. I have noticed that I have finally hit the point where my body is looking forward to my morning and afternoon snack. Sometimes it is an apple, a Fiber One granola bar, or some yogurt, but the little snack helps. Due to me eating these two snacks a day, I'm finding myself coming in near my daily points goal each day. I even have to plan my dinner around the points I have left now!

Thursday I was careful to leave myself enough points to have fruit from my Edible Arrangements basket.
Wednesday's Points Total: 27/27

I had a bad day yesterday and all I wanted to do as take a nap in hopes of escaping my migraine. I rested for a bit and got up at 8 p.m. I forced myself to eat because I knew it would be best for my body. Well, I went from not being hungry to eating more points than I should have. I had a spicy Spanish-style Smart One that I jazzed up with salsa, sour cream, guacamole, and tortilla chips. On the bright side, I can't beat myself up about going over my daily points because I'm alloted an additional 35 points a week for these occasions. Still, I'd rather not use them unless I have to. Strangely enough, I went drastically over on my points LAST Thursday as well. I wonder if that's a coincidence.
Thursday's Points Total: 29.5/27

Despite going slightly over my points last night, I swear my pants are slightly looser in the waist. Yay! If only the thigh area felt the same... For my morning snack, I tried honey flavored non-fat Greek yogurt. Everyone has been encouraging me to try it. I think it was okay. I felt like I was eating softened cream cheese. I added granola, which was good, but I think I'd like some berries or something in there instead to break up the creaminess. I have a pineapple one at home that I can't wait to try.

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  1. i do a lot of yogurt and granola. target has the lowfat (or nonfat, i don't remember) big things of dannon vanilla for something like $1.48.