Saturday, February 6, 2010

OMG! I'm never going to get into this dress!

I need to lock myself in a room while I diet because socializing is HORRIBLE for my healthy eating habits. Here's what went down:

There was a retirement party at work so the office decided to hide the microwave. How am I supposed to heat my frozen entree without a microwave? It got to be about 2 p.m. when I had to say something... I had little choice but to eat the food provided by the office. I'd like to think I was reasonable in my choices. I had a half of a plate of salad, skimping on the ranch dressing (my only option), followed by my estimation of one cup of penne with marinara sauce (judging with my fist). I was SHOCKED to discover that despite skipping the garlic bread and the cake, I was still full! I walked out of a social lunch with only like 7 WW points.

That night, Lynn made spaghetti and meatballs for a group of us. I didn't want to seem difficult or rude by not eating with everyone else. I made myself steamed broccoli to eat on the side. I had a cup of angel hair with minimal sauce and 3 small, homemade meatballs. WELL! I spoke to my mother today. It turns out that homemade beef meatballs are 5 points EACH (not including the sauce), bringing me to a dinner points total of 21!!! I had no idea... I am so upset.... and I love meatballs. And to think, I thought I was being reasonable by eating only 3! Go figure. I want to hate myself right now.
Friday Points Total: 42/27

Alex made a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich this morning that smelled SOOO good so I had to make one. Rather than scrambling my eggs and eating more than one or using 3 pieces of bacon, I had an egg (fried in PAM) with 1/2 piece of cheese, and 2 pieces of bacon on an Arnold's Sandwich Thin (5.5 points). I had an AMAZING pineapple greek yogurt for a snack that filled me up most of the afternoon. Then, late in the afternoon I had a salad. For dinner, a group of us sat down to chili and fried fish. I ate 1.5 servings (10.5 points total) with nonfat sour cream and a smudge of parm cheese. I tried a bite of cod with tartar sauce. Then, they brought out the ice cream cake for Alex's 1/2 birthday. I didn't want to eat it. I didn't need to eat it. But truth is, they served it to me, and I didn't want to be rude. I swapped for the smallest piece, but it was still about 5 points. Thanks to that ice cream cake I am now 5 points over... again.
Saturday's Total Points: 32/27  

I have now used 22.5 of my 35 extra points for the week. I am never going to lose weight this way. I think I have learned my lesson: during the week, it is best if I eat a bigger breakfast because I won't make my daily points without that. On the weekends, I have to eat low points during the day because I know that I will eat more points when I'm around others. I'm disappointed in myself. It doesn't help that we had what NJ would consider a blizzard, and there is NO WAY I'm doing cardio in front of a house of people!

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  1. Just a quick suggestion for you - if you love meatballs...make them yourself and use ground turkey breast instead of ground beef. Ground turkey breast has so much less calories and fat than the beef! Also...I make my chili with ground turkey breast as well...and I have never once missed beef being in it...and I feel so much healthier when I eat that instead!