Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wedding Overload

This past weekend, I went on wedding planning overload, and I loved most of it. On Saturday, I drug my MOH along to the florist (Classic Floral Designs-- Cinnaminson, NJ) as I decided on all my flowers for the big day AND made my first deposit. I love working with them! They know my vision, and they are willing to work within any budget... even mine. It was stressful because I was really looking forward to using white anemones, but the florist cannot get them until January. I was so upset. I had to come up with a white flower off the cuff. Well, in the end, I ordered 3 red bouquets of carnations and gerberas with the black centers and 3 white bouquets for my MOH and sisters made of carnations and gerberas with black centers. I love the fluffy look of lots of carnations together, but alone they feel too cheap to me. My bouquet will be a red, fluffy mix of dahlias, tulips, ranniculus, and roses. All the bouquets will be wrapped in a polka dotted ribbon and instead of greens, I'm using black feathers! Tre chic. LOL. The centerpieces I ordered some centerpieces will be dahlias and red carnations just like above in a cube vase with a ribbon trim. The other flowers are pretty typical, so they're not worth mentioning. 

On Sunday, I met with my future photographer, Richard Press ( I found him through a vendor search on after my photographer decided to go AWALL. I really like Richard's work. I can't wait to see what he does for our big day. I attempted to take him to the church and where I'm thinking about pictures. By then end of our long meeting, I was so excited to work with him. I was alarmed by his price list at first, but he was able to work within my budget... mostly. Speaking of which, I better get back to him so we can finalize things.

Later that day, I had a phone interview with a DJ I found through Craigslist ( I know, Craigslist... I was hesitant as well, but after getting such quick responses from him and speaking to him over the phone I feel assured that he's a professional. Dan and I have another option now, both within the same price point, both slightly over budget. I'm heading to South Jersey again this weekend to meet with him in person and see him in action at a local pub.

SO, as promised-- here are some photos I have of wedding things.

Here is the wedding cake topper I purchased. This is the before shot. I haven't applied the crystals yet. 

These are our wedding bands! It's hard to see, I know, but mine is white gold with diamonds in a channel setting, and Dan's is a Tungsten polished band.

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  1. Hey this is so fun to read! I get all excited over this stuff and its so exciting to read and share a small part of your excitement...GAAAAA SO MUCH EXCITEMENT! ha, ok, enough of that... and i am so proud of you staying on track to losing weight! I have been trying to loose a little myself now that NONE of my professional clothes fit anymore... that is a pricey replacement wardrobe. so thanks for the encouragement!